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Shorty Minnow Plug (SMP)

This type of plug was originally designed by Anton Stettner known as “Pluggin Shorty” and was made in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1948-1950 by the Dough English Co. The company later evolved into Bingo Bait Co. He created plugs with wings (small side fins) that would allow the plug to stay up in the water column. Antone Stettner’s “Pluggin Shortie” saying was, “Only the fish and his most trusted friends got to see his plugs”. A great inshore plug to use when fishing for speckled trout and redfish. The flash of a shorty minnow plug in the water imitates bait fish on which trout and redfish heavily feed. These plugs cast like a bullet, which allows anglers to throw them a long distance. They are also good in the surf and for trolling. This plug is a sinking style. Cast it out and let it sink into the zone you want to fish before you start your retrieve. The lure produces flash and vibrations. You can trigger strikes by varying your retrieval speed, using a stop and go method, a jerk method or occasionally twitching the rod at mid level from side to side making the plug sink, and then giving a jerk upward to let the plug fall. Most strikes occur when the plug falls. To fish shallow, cast out. As soon as your plug hits the water, hold your rod tip high, reel fast and rip them back to you. Redfish are fast swimmers and will sometimes go after your plug fished in this manner.
Shorty Minnow Plug
3 inch - 3/8 oz.
Qty: Price: $4.50

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