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The History of Toby Hogan's Fishing Lures


Toby Hogan has been fishing on the Texas Coast for over 60 years.  He went on his first fishing trip back in the 1950s when his uncle Julius Hogan took him, his dad, and his brother, Jim, to Placedo Creek near Port Lavaca.  That was the day Toby fell in love with the outdoors, boats, and catching fish.

In the 1960s, Toby went into the Navy and served in Vietnam.  After returning home, he opened his Taxidermy shop.  Throughout the 1970s, he and his brother, Charlie, fished on the coast, in rivers, creeks, and nearby lakes.

By the 1980s, Toby was making fishing lures.  He originated the Hogie Lure Company and made lures out of hard plastic and soft plastic for salt water and fresh water fishing.

In 2010, Toby decided to come up with a new line of fishing lures.  With the help of his brother, Jim Hogan (retired Navy Master Chief and Vietnam Veteran), and his dear wife, Takako, the lures are now available worldwide online.  Toby Hogan's lures cannot be purchased anywhere except through this website.

Larry Bozka
Toby, shown here with Larry Bozka at the 2010 Rockport Spring Fling
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