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Black Magic Fish'n Cork (BMFC)

This cork has an improved set up, which is very effective in resonating sound through the water. Understanding the ways of nature enables you to catch more fish. The clicking and rattling sound mimics jumping shrimp being chased by trout and red-fish. The gulping sound made by the cork sounds like the noise fish make as they feed on bait on the water's surface, and fish are naturally drawn to your bait or lure.

There is an additional sound from the rattle. The cork produces a spray of water and gulping sound with little effort.   These corks are equipped with a 1/2 ounce weight which allows you to cast further and with less line tangles as with stiff wires used ith most corks.  This cork holds up well, producing a brisk click after much use. Black corks have been used by savvy fishermen for many years. Fish are not looking at you cork and are attracted to your bait or lure.This fishing cork provides a desired effect that achieves tremendous results.
On each end of the cork is a reinforced metal insert.  As you jerk your rod, it slams the beads against the reinforced insert producing a loud clicking sound.
Black Magic Fish'n Cork
Qty: Price: $5.00
4 inch

Emily Skinner shows off a solid speckled trout she caught on a soft plastic rigged under a Toby Hogan BlacknMagic Fish'n Cork. Photo courtesy of Nate Skinner.
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