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Baby Crab Lure (BCL)

Crabs are bottom dwellers and live in estuaries and can be found near the mouth of channels, sea grass, sand flats, shorelines, points, pot holes, bridge pilings and jetties.  Baby crabs are plentiful in spring and summer and are a popular food for fish, birds, alligators, turtles and raccoons.  Crabs have what is called a complex life cycle.  They go through multiple stages throughout their entire life.  Juvenile crabs molt or shed their outer hard shell several times and grow into adult crabs.  Crabs that have just shed are called soft shell crabs; a tasty meal for predators.  the baby crab lure looks and feels like a soft shell crab.  rigged with a jig or single hook weedless, this lure swims sideways mimicking live crabs. 

Flooded Grass - When fishing for tailing red fish, cast your baby crab lure past the fish when his tail is in the air.  Wait until tail goes down and he is level, then make your retrieve in front of the red fish. 

Pot Holes - Cast baby crab lure to the far side, let it sink to the bottom, then slowly retrieve your lure near the edge of the hole, twitch the lure to stir up some sand or mud and cause fish to strike.

Sand Flats, Shore Line and Points - Cast out your baby crab lure and let it sink to the bottom, retrieve slowly occasionally twitching to stir up sand or mud, pause for a couple of seconds, then continue your retrieve.

Near channels, Bridges and Jetties - Cast your baby crab lure into the natural flow of the current to bring your lure down into the feeding area.

Baby Crab Lure
2 inch - 1/4 oz Jig
Pre-rigged Baby Crab and one extra tail
Price: $3.50

Baby Crab Lure Available Plain or Weighted Hook 1/4 oz:

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