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Toby Hogan Fishing Lures Testimonials

Capt. Jerry Lindsey, Hook Line and Sinker Charters.  361-557-1234

"I have fished Rockport area waters for the past 30 years.  I have fished with Toby's lures for a long time.  I like Toby's soft plastic lures.  My customers use them with good success.
Jerry Lindsey
Julius Knebel
Julius Knebel, Outdoor writer for the Cuero Record.

"Toby Hogan now has a new product line which he sells only on the internet. which makes it easy to adjust on your line.  His new plastic lures come in various colors and in the shape of shrimp, minnows, or shad that come pre-attached to 1/4-ounce jig heads.

However, the secret of our success was his new "Dynamite Grease," a vasoline-based garlic scent.  As soon as I dipped my pink plastic bait, we caught our first speckled trout.  From then on, everyone switched to "pink" and "stink." 
Thomas, El Campo, Texas

"I like Toby's lures.  They are made with tough saltwater plastic and last a good while.  They come in popular colors in shrimp, shad, minnow, or worm, and they catch trout, redfish, and flounder. 
Ralph Winingham
Ralph Winingham is a freelance outdoors writer and photographer.

By Ralph Winingham
Special to the San Antonio Express-News

Estes Flats -- The pink plastic shrimp tail liberally coated with Dynamite Grease had almost been retrieved to the boat when a tug on the line sent the rod tip arching toward the water.

Several strong runs later, a 16-inch flounder was brought into the net as Capt. Jerry Lindsey skillfully plopped the keeper flatfish in the bottom of the boat.

"Just like I said, if there are flounder in the area, they will smell out that Dynamite Grease," said Toby Hogan, inventor of the garlic-flavored scent that gives plastic baits an added attraction factor.

Hogan, who has been in the fishing lure business for the past 30 years, is a strong advocate of scented baits for salt water action.

His creation of several different types of garlic, Vasoline, and other secret ingredients is among a growing number of scented baits and attractants being utilized by more and more salt water anglers.
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